Attention: Dallas and Austin interior Designers

It’s the 2018 MENARY STUDIO Photo Roundup!

Q: Shannon and Shaun, what the HECK are you talking about??

Here’s the thing. We know you’re feverishly wrapping several projects right before the holidays, and the window for getting ALL of these spaces photographed is teeny tiny. The MENARY STUDIO Photo Roundup is a marathon day of shoots designed to provide you with high-quality photographs of several spaces in a short amount of time!

Q: Oh man, I seriously need this. What’s included?

For each space, you’ll get up to five images of your choice - all top-tier, lit, magazine-quality images with unlimited commercial usage.

Q: I’m in! How much?

We're waiving our shoot fee and discounting the prices of our images so you can get a bulk set of photos from all your fall design projects. It’s only $250 per space! You just need to book at least three spaces in back-to-back time slots.

Q: Where do I sign up?

Just click HERE for the short inquiry form, and we’ll contact you directly to discuss your needs and get you in our calendar!

Designer: Laura Brittain
INSTAGRAM: @brittain


Designer: Laura Brittain
INSTAGRAM: @brittain


T H A N K Y O U!
With love,
The Menarys